Friday, October 2, 2009

The Special Woman

A dedication to a very special woman...
I could not recall the day we met,
Nor the day we knew each other,
People in life, many I had,
You are whom I will always remember…

Climbing over walls, from room to room,
In the old cosy home made of wood,
Tho’ naughty, you continued to groom,
So I’d grow up, and learn to be good…

Years ago when the rod was raised,
Behind you, in refuge I seek,
You pampered always and you embrace,
Your tiny framework, ever so meek…

You’ll always prepare the best food in town,
During family visits at any time,
Regardless the number of members around,
Tireless You’ll cook dishes of all kinds…

God gave you a mountain to climb,
With one kidney, twenty more years you lived,
I’ve never heard of your curse or whine,
Yet you continued to love and to give…

I still remember the prayer you made,
Back in New Year before our meal,
Love and thanks that’s what you said,
So pure a prayer, we all could feel…

The day came, twenty-sixth of Sept,
I got the news that God took you back,
For many of us, it was hard to accept,
But I believe, it’s really time to pack…

A time to mourn and a time to dance,
Mixed feelings during the three days,
Sad as it was our final glance,
But I rejoice for in Heaven you lay…

You brought joy and blessing to neighbours,
Even the Pastor said that it’s you he’ll miss,
He even affirmed that as you live for others,
The crown you wear will be bigger than his…

The day itself, the sky was a beauty,
It seems the heavens had opened their gates,
There was no rain and not too sunny,
Angels rejoice for someone so great…

The hundreds who came gave me a lesson,
For it just shows how great you’ve been,
Tho you lived your life as a peasant,
But your sending off was like a queen…

As people wept and tears dropped,
I’m glad that now you’re no more in pain,
Rest in peace in the arms of God,
Goodbye grandma, til we meet again!

Written and Copyright Reserved by H.E.LING

this poem was written by my cousin, Joseph Ling to my late grandma who gone back to be with the Lord few days ago...we LOVE you grandma!


Joyuai said...

eh bro,hahaa..u also post this one..i also.. XD...din know tat u ady posted it.. :)

take care

drumosamuela said...

of course la...i do things very efficient 1 mah!