Friday, October 2, 2009

The Special Woman

A dedication to a very special woman...
I could not recall the day we met,
Nor the day we knew each other,
People in life, many I had,
You are whom I will always remember…

Climbing over walls, from room to room,
In the old cosy home made of wood,
Tho’ naughty, you continued to groom,
So I’d grow up, and learn to be good…

Years ago when the rod was raised,
Behind you, in refuge I seek,
You pampered always and you embrace,
Your tiny framework, ever so meek…

You’ll always prepare the best food in town,
During family visits at any time,
Regardless the number of members around,
Tireless You’ll cook dishes of all kinds…

God gave you a mountain to climb,
With one kidney, twenty more years you lived,
I’ve never heard of your curse or whine,
Yet you continued to love and to give…

I still remember the prayer you made,
Back in New Year before our meal,
Love and thanks that’s what you said,
So pure a prayer, we all could feel…

The day came, twenty-sixth of Sept,
I got the news that God took you back,
For many of us, it was hard to accept,
But I believe, it’s really time to pack…

A time to mourn and a time to dance,
Mixed feelings during the three days,
Sad as it was our final glance,
But I rejoice for in Heaven you lay…

You brought joy and blessing to neighbours,
Even the Pastor said that it’s you he’ll miss,
He even affirmed that as you live for others,
The crown you wear will be bigger than his…

The day itself, the sky was a beauty,
It seems the heavens had opened their gates,
There was no rain and not too sunny,
Angels rejoice for someone so great…

The hundreds who came gave me a lesson,
For it just shows how great you’ve been,
Tho you lived your life as a peasant,
But your sending off was like a queen…

As people wept and tears dropped,
I’m glad that now you’re no more in pain,
Rest in peace in the arms of God,
Goodbye grandma, til we meet again!

Written and Copyright Reserved by H.E.LING

this poem was written by my cousin, Joseph Ling to my late grandma who gone back to be with the Lord few days ago...we LOVE you grandma!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?

我猜!!!(x8)…… (it means ‘I guess’ in mandarin)
Hello! my friend Mr. Tan Wei Cai,
We can call you also Mr. Mikey Zai.
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
The way you do things is a bit weird lor,
But the fried rice you cook is not cin cai!
I’m proud of you, now you are a fried rice king.
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
Kena TOTO, 4D, 6D,
Whatever ‘D’ you kena, I guess is a part of your dream,
That’s why the word ‘Dream’ starts with a ‘D’.
(eh! Wei Cai! I got some cool number for you to buy 4D!)
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
Knowing we all is like kena jackpot!
So appreciate every single thing around you have,
3 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 9 o’clock…… (eh! Can buy 4D wey!)
That’s the secret code that you know I know. (Hehehehehe!)
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
The lame joke you made are as cold as ice,
Remember toilet? A place where we always chit chat,
The smell in it was forgotten with words.
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
I just wana wish you Gong Xi Fatt Cai,
Because your name ended with a ‘Cai’,
我猜, 你猜, 他猜, 猜猜… (it means I guess, you guess, he/she guess, guess guess …)
Don’t let us guess what your mind is thinking.
Wei Cai! Wei Cai! Are you OK?
If you are not OK, then we are not OK!
O.K here and O.K there,
I think now we all better ‘Fan Oak Kay’!!! (it means balik rumah in cantonese!)

(lyrics written and composed by Samuela Ho - 19/5/2009)

A birthday gift to my friend Tan Wei Cai! hahaha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Let the pictures do the work...


What are you looking at?!




Hi pretty!






whats up?!


Oh NO!!!




those pictures was taken last year when i was still back at Malaysia! actually i was just trying the new webcam that time! hehehe! anyway thats the making of 23 years of crazy Samuela.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my New House?!?

hello everyone!!! sorry that i was away for so long. i was really really buzy during my summer break. Day and night i was buzy working like hell!! i dont even have enough of sleep everyday! Uni started , i have even more stuff to buzy of now. studies, work and HOUSE!! some of you know that i just move in into a new house. the house is big and beautiful. i get a really good deal from my landlord. the house is fully furnished, all the funitures are really good quality one. i really like the house, i guess anyone who get to have a look at the house will definitely like it. great view, big wooden balcony, swimming pool and a beautiful big KITCHEN!! hehe! some of you guys are asking me for my house picture, so here are some of them.

But things doesnt turn out well. i was really really tired and stress out with a lot of stuff. my studies(im late to class almost everyday, totally lost in class, sleep and day dream in the class most of time! because i have to work until late night and i ended not having enough of sleep most of the time ), my work (someone complaint about me at my work place, that fat ass is a lazy fat ass and not doing his job well, so i complaint him back! and everyone knows that im 1 of the most hardworking guy at my work place), my house (have a lot of stuff to do at home,sometimes i have to cook for my housemates, i have to always help them to clean and tidy up things that they didnt clean nicely and i hate my kitchen look messy and dirty! i am the only person who clean and maintain the swimming pool every week, i have to do all the bills and stuff for the house, i have to always throw and push the rubbish bin out, i have to Call them to do this and that most of the time) now i really understand how difficult is our parents, they have to work, do all the stuff and take care of us, and we always give a lot of reasons when they call us to do some housework.
I have 5 housemates i have to take care of, there was another 3 who was temporary staying at my house so + me there are 9 people in my house!! thank God 2 of them found a place to stay already! my house also became a club house and a motel for people. almost every weekend my house became superb happening, people came over and have fun. and yeah! may God bless me! my room is just beside the living room,the balcony and the kitchen! after a hectic week i cant even rest peacefully and quietly also on weekend! i was really really pissed and tired. i almost cant stand of the pressure, it was just so tiring. if i didnt ask God to strengthen me, i would have go crazy and break down! i just so feel like wana move out from this house now, i miss my quiet and lonely life a lot.

This is the road i have to walk and push my bike up the hill everyday! i guess the steepness of the slope is more than 45', and the picture i showed is just half way of the road only! crazy! haha!

Friday, November 28, 2008


hi guys! i am having my summer break now. it doesnt look like a break for me also actually. i only got 1 day of rest right after my exam. then i have to go back to work already. i am working two jobs now, morning working at the engineering consultant firm, and sometimes night time continue to work as a kitchen steward at hotel. some of you might know that i was in a bad time the pass few weeks. my life turned up side down, i lost of direction and confident in life. staying away from God. though that after exam things might go better and i can relax abit, never know that it became worse. my life here was lonely and stress. i got no one that i can really talk to. used to have all the sitiawan aliens to go mamak with last time to chit chat and release stress abit. eh, ah woei and gordon, i really miss going mamak with you guys. miss the 'OK ada?' mamak store and SS2 mamak(opposite of the police station). thank God, i got few kaki(s) are coming here next sem. cant wait to meet them.

some of you might know that my bicycle was stolen. i forget to lock my bike that day when i went to my friend's house, and i park my bike infront of his house. very obvious people can see clearly that my bike is not lock! but nevermind let them take it, that bike is abit cacat already one. gear cacat, brakes tak makan. is an old 2nd hand bike la.


so this monday i bought a new bike, love it very much. and bicycle also got size one now i only know. mine is L size. muahaha!! XL is abit too tall for me. i was very excited, havent been so excited and happy for a very long time already. once i reach home, i throw down my bag and straight away go try out my new bike. i cycle to the near by playground, tried some stunt and going up and down the hill. i cycle around like a crazy 10 year old kid that just received his new bike. ahahaha! i felt so so so much better after i bought this new bike, because of the miserable life that i had for the pass few weeks. i was very worried and stress with a lot of things here. until i felt that life is just so meaningless and miserable. but i think God talk to me through this kinda way. the bike represented me. my old bike was old,cacat and stolen, i had sinned,fall and lost. let go of the past and worries and trust the Lord. and im all NEW now. ahaha! got this bible verses at church sermon few weeks ago.

(Luke 12:25-32) 25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? 26 Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? 27 "Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." 28 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you – you of little faith! 29 And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 30 For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. 31 But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. 32 "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom." (NIV)

and guess what i ended up naming my new bike 'Revive'. ahaha!

here is a picture that was taken years ago............

............ .........................Samuela and his bike

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

alien housemate!

i will be having my engineering project management and economics paper tomorrow. my 1st exam paper at UTAS, ya im quite nervous now. may God bless me! only he can help me now. haha!

i know someone is boring and feel like reading people's blog. so i sacrificed my time just to write something for her to read. eh! must belanja me 'gan buan' when i am back at sitiawan! haha!

ok, 1 of my housemate a girl. china fella. small size but very rude. even the other china housemate of mine also said that she is rude. when she talk that time the whole house also can hear clearly what is she talking about in her room. walk that time lagi geng! before she reach our house i can hear her foot steps outside of the streets already from my room. and she will bang the door after she came in or get out of the house. and my room is just beside the main door!! paling kesian 1 is me, because her room is just beside my room. almost everything she do makes sounds. bising betul budak tu!

and that day i was washing my socks,after washing i was planning to go n take it out to dry. mana tau suddently hear the washing machine started to wash again. i go and check, that fella throw some clothes in to wash! walau! she didnt check if there are still anything inside the washing machine before she throw somethin in?! ok,i just let my socks to wash for the 2nd time with her clothes. then i went to uni. after that, i came back check my socks, guess what happen to my socks?! they turned from white to pink?! speechless~

my this housemate really lawak betul, she dont really know how to cook. so i really dont know what she really eat everyday,other than chicken she bought from supermarket. she said she is scare to touch raw chicken,meat,fish and whatever raw food,thats why she seldom cook. but she love to eat them. another 'dai sui jie' haiz...-_-"...i advice you guys better learn to at least cook some basic food. if not you will really suffer when you come out next time. espcially those who are planning to go overseas.

Monday, September 29, 2008


ok, all started from msn. i found out that people nowdays love to say YO! so i suddently have this idea of writing out a song or maybe poem. i think i should call it a rap! haha! so i wrote out those lyrics right on the spot while chatting online. the Bunny started when 1 of my friend called another friend bunny in msn. so i felt it was very cute and funny. and the Lala same as well. hope you guys have a good time of laugh. hahaha!

you call her bunny,
and it sounds funny,
bunny only come out to play when it is sunny,
you cant see bunny around when it is rainy,
raining day makes everyone also unhappy,
everyday raining bunny cannot go out to find food,so she is hungry,
living creatures need food to have energy,
if not they will all maTI.

people now days love to Yo
see who also say yOyo!
people started to play yoyo
i guess this is how they started saying Yo!
those ang mor are good in playing yoyo
no wonder they say YOyo
not only tat the black guys too,they started rappin around with the word Yo-Yo
yo here yo there,yoyoyo!...
yoing is a part of the culture YO!
Yo you Yo me,Yo he Yo her,
sounds like kung fu fighting YO!
After fighting thirsty Yo,
So we go and buy kopi O,
Kopitiam uncle say beh Hor,
Because we are still very young Lor,
So we go and buy ‘YO’gurt,
Here we come again...YOYO!

dun say lala ...
you can no need be lala…
but people nowdays are very lala la,
we come from lala land doesnt mean we all lala,
please dun dress and act lala,
infront of people who are not lala,
if not they will beh tahan la,
lala talk that time very lala de lor la,
they la front la back, everywhere lala,
some lala very funny la,
they thought their English bery powderful la,
no wonder lala are so lala dei la,
some people thought lala is the 1 can eat LaLa,
I just wana tell them they are totally different lor LaLa,
This LaLa with beautiful shells la,
But that lala with spiky hair la,
This LaLa taste so good la,
But that lala taste like hell la!
When lala sing that time la,
They are pro in lala-ing,
lala thought they are very cool la,
of being a cool lala,
but people think they are like lalat lor,
because they are LALA la!!!

(any lala that read this, please dont sue me, because i got no money. i hope you guys will not be offended, because i am just trying to promote you guys! haha!)